Sunday, February 1, 2009 Bath Melts

Our Bath Melts are amazing little lotions. They are in a hardened form, easy to handle.

Made from All Natural Shae butter, Cocoa butter, Green Tea butter and Jojoba oil.

Shea butter is high in vitamins and minerals, also leaves the skin feeling silky and moisturized.

Cocoa butter reduces skin dryness and improves elasticity.

Green Tea butter protects the skin from aging and damage from UVB sun rays. Also possesses natural anti-inflammatory, anti-cellulite and anti-irritant properties.

Jojoba oil moisturizes skin while providing a soft, silky feel. Helps improve skin elasticity and suppleness. Contains natural Vitamin E.

All you need to do is drop one (or half) in your bathtub while you soak and instant moisture! No more needing to lotion up after bathing! You can do it all at once! All Natural and Vegan!

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